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tv   7 News at 430 PM  WHDH  November 17, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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technology has given them new inrmation. radio isotopes taken from the teeth, bones and hair, helping them to pin down where the victims were from. >> hair is very good at giving you a timeline of basically the last couple of months, depending on the length of the hair. with regards to the enamel, it helps us narrow down individual was born. >> authorities say the adult victim and the oldest and youngest child victims were likely related and lived in the northeast, u.s., near the atlantic coast. this he say the middle child victim was not related to the others and was likely born and lived farther north and as far west as minnesota. but investigators say their lives merged near the end. >> this is not somebody who was taken from afar and brought over after death. these four people would've been together in the last two weeks to approximately three months of their lives. >> somebody has seen these children before and seen the adult female. they know.
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it's just got to get to the right ears. >> now investigators put the deaths at between 1980 and 1984. they're hoping this new information will jog someone's memory. that's the story live from concord, new hampshire. i'm byron bonnet, 7 news. >> new details on curt schilling's bankruptcy. the is former red sox pitcher is declining to testify before a house committee. earlier this month, they asked schilling to testify about his failed video game company. he move 38 studios to providence after receiving 75 million dollar loan -- subpoena. >> a friend of convicted killer aaron hernandez will not have his murder indictment dismissed. yet judge denied it. questionable integrity from the grand jury. they're accused of helping hernandez kill odin lloyd back in 2014. he was convicted of that murder
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back in april. he's serving life in prison. >> during a congressional hearing today, lawmakers quelled the head of the secret service and the inspector general of homeland security. after an agent was accused of crashing a car while drinking on the job and dozens of agents allegedly looked into the background of a congress man after he held a hearing to discuss that incident. the secret service director says agents are being disciplined. robert durst expected in a louisiana court next month to change his plea. the multimillionaire featured in hbo series the jinx is accused of killing his friend back in 2000. he's also facing a weapons charge which he pleaded not guilty, the hearing is scheduled for december 17th. more than 50 protesters behind bars today after shutting down part of a minneapolis highway last night. after police shot and killed 24-year-old jamal clark. they say he fought with paramedics, he was a suspect on sunday.
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caught on camera, a brutal beating in california. two sheriff's office deputies are some serious trouble after investigators say they attacked a system. that suspect's mother says she's simply putting officers on paid leave isn't enough to cut it here. >> for me, the images are rodney king jumped out where you see somebody on the ground, being beaten over and over again, helplessly. >> you're looking at the video of two sheriff's beating a man with their hands and fists. >> his face was swollen will. >> they're asking the deputies to be criminally charged and investigators admit the video them. >> the public trust is so important to us. >>from the two deputies now on paid leave are investigated for misconduct and excessive force. >> whatever people think of this incident, it does not reflect the daily things we do in this place. >> the man's mother says he suffers from mental health issues and that's what's behind
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i sat with her. as she was talking to her son and she was crying. >> her son is accused of leading of deputies on a high speed chase in a stolen carp as withly as ramming a patrol car into a deputy. but his mother questions the is deputy's action and what happened with treating her son innocent until proven guilty. >> they came to the country and do not expect to be treated about like this by the police when they came here. >> the man's attorney, says he suffered several broken bones but is alert and talking. >> in texas, dramatic video shows a scary tornado ripping through the state. the panhandle region was hit with several tornados late last night. thankfully no one was hurt but one building was damaged due to stream weather there. this funnel cloud formed over kansas yesterday. you can see the cloud moving quickly. creating a gloomy forecast across the states.
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>> a building near pits you aring about, you can see black smoke pouring out of an oil and gas company. the fire has spread to the building next d@or because of building. officials ordered an evacuation of nearby homes. three workers hurt but injuries not life-threatening. a highway in japan is closed after a truck burst into planes. engulfed the truck. the driver stopped the vehicle and escaped. police think a plastic object got tangled up in part of the truck and caused it to ignite. >> i-95 in south florida, a deadly shooting, bringing the commute to a standstill. shutting down more than eight hours, drivers had to be detoured during the intense investigations. jessica had holly has more. >> a miserable monday after an interstate shoot out, brings traffic into a screeching hat. >> two hours in this traffic. >> reporter: stretching both sides of i-95 investigation. >> i don't know what's going on but it's a mess.
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a crime scene in the middle of the interstate. >> i heardta,ta,ta, three shots after. >> hearing gunshots around 4 a.m. coming from the interstate in the area of west 95th street. police say two cars were involved. two people dead, trooper and miami dade police spent hours questioning possible witnesses. trying to determine what led to the killings. nathaniel peterson, a father of two, is one of the men who died. his family went to the is scene in search of answers. >> they're going to get caught. they can't hide. >> reporter: also searching for answers miami dade police. >> two men lost their lives and were -- news. >> still ahead,raling together, a high school football team worrying about much more than winning, how they came together, after a teammate was gunned down.
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>> what researchers are saying cancer. >> a germ manual stadium evacuated. the unfolding details straight ahead. >> a big announcement from big papi, when the the red sox slugger plans to hang up his cleats. reaction from fan way park at 5. # jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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it's not about talking. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. people were lifted out of poverty. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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>> a star athlete gunned down in california. now a high school football team taking the team after losing a beloved teammate. rallying together while trying to make sense of the tragic loss. >> something their coach says has been a rough and rocky road.
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the grant union high players gave a high five to the heavens where they believe their teammate was smiling down. >> it was an emotional day for all of us. we came out here and did what we had to do for jj. >> a friend carrying jj's verdict, the penalty flag that was followed was declined by the pop opposing team. jj's mother, says although he was not physically there, she knows her son was on the field. >> he's most definitely here in spirit. you see these young men, they're going to blow out this game. >> and the grant high pailsers did just that. winning in a shut out 35 to nothing victory. >> the kids played with a lot of heart, with a lot of -- >> still head coach, mike, says missing number five jaers was a challenge for everybody on his
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team, players and coaches alike. >> you never know when you're not going to have that person in your life. >> reporter: meanwhile sacramento police say they're still etch issing for whoever pulled the trigger, a suspect who shot jj and shot his best friend in the arm. but his mother is confident justice will be served. >> someone will come forward, it was broad daylight be anallied they took an innocent young man, what? >> but now they're determined to jj. >> jj is going to be with us all through it. so we're going to be all right. >> meanwhile, an nba player on the sacramento kings is helping to pay for jj's funeral expenses. >> hitting the road for the holidays, triple a releasing the annual report, and you already -- >> it's a big week, people want to know what's going to ham. it starts chilly that week but seems like it will warm up. details in the near term too coming up. >> at 5, big development unless
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allege killer had a melt down in his holding cell. >> charlie sheen revealing a health secret. shocking secret. >> unruly passenger taken into custody. and if you see breaking news, or have a story why they, we'd love to hear from you.
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>> if you're hitting the road this thanksgiving, you're going to have a lot of company. >> triple a released their annual travel out look for the holiday -- experts are saying that both drivers and flyers
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will be seeing a price break on their trips. >> lower gas prices have helped to put extra money in travellers pockets. the current national average for a gallon of gas is 2:15. and triple a expects prices to remain low throughout the holiday season. airfare projected to fall by 10 percent this thanksgiving, landing at an average of $169 for a round trip flight. >> and chicago is coming in at number one for the top year. >> the patriots and stop & shop teamed up to deliver 7,000 turkeys to family in need. today pats back, was on hand there. over the course of the year, stop & shop donated 300,000 holiday meals and $12 million to help support families in need. next week already, thanksgiving is creeping up on us. >> we were just telling a story too on the news how there's a turkey shortage, and i haven't
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woods. >> get your own. >> i might have to, right, pete. >> there we go. >> there are kirk keys running ramp pant up near me. you can always go ham or roast chicken. temperatures have been milder than normal. all about that, 11th, the 14th and today. that's it. the rest, overwhejly mild. still six degrees above normal. two days cooler than average, make that three now. more seasonable this week, especially today and tomorrow and then we kind of creep it up again toward the end of the week, but i think next week will start off pretty chilly, as you'll see 4 the in boston right now, 49 in whalen. 42 ipswich. hudson new hampshire, 41. go out to sterling and fitchburg, already? 41. same in randolph, such walt.
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40 in fox bore. temperature row at 45 degrees. lows tonight by tomorrow morning you're standing in it, waiting for the train or the t or what have you, maybe at the bus symptom. it's going to be cold out through fitchburg, up into marblehead too. even on the coastline, not escaping a hard freeze. taunton an attleboro, and that ground is almost frozen. the top layer of it. the frost tomorrow buffalo at 58 degrees is that coming our way? a change in the wind direction? well, not quite. still high pressure overhead. so winds out of the southeast tomorrow, so not like bring those 60s right in here. not that easy in time around. although we've done in that the past and it can be that easy with the right direction. but not the right set up this time. clock should hold up tomorrow. a pull back in the evening. does not look as cold tomorrow night. the clouds slow to move in, about you once locked in, be
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start off chilly, go towards that 58 degree reading in the afternoon. tomorrow night, upper 30s to low 40s, quite a different turn as high pressure moves away. need the rain, with he have late in the forecast late thursday. drop in bucket. moderate, through sued maine through the merrimack valley. down into the blackstone valley and most of connecticut. been dry all across new england. clear and cold tonight, 16 to 32. and tomorrow, bright start, few afternoon clouds, 47 to 51 with a very light southeast wind. 7 on 7 forecast. brighten it up on friday. might be a very early predawn shower and then going sunny. it will be milder. close to 60. speak might hit 60 in some towns. i'll see you at 5. >> thanks pete. see you then. look at the traffic. >> getting a, look at our ride here, on the southbound side of the expressway, northbound as
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there southbound. continues about 48 to 50 minute ride, right down to the braintree split. plan accordingly. 93 northbound, those headlights dealing with delays there. as you make your way through the o'neil tunnel and eventually over towards the vicinity of the upper deck of route 93. that's where we're going this time of around. 93 bolduc, there at the sake kin bridge, near route 60 in bedford. store row drives, the you were ramps and down ramps to the left side of that roadway dealing with a bit of delay there as well. making way along route 1 north of the city and north' of the saugus area, still dealing with some delays by there as well. untowards the lynnfield tunnel after all of that, route 95, into the danvers area, moving along pretty well. i'm joe stapleton, 7 news.
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>> a dietician is prescribing olive oil -- >> chris oh dell explains. >> research dietician mary flynn says you can practically drink extra virgin olive oil. in fact, for her breast cancer patients she prescribes it. >> at least three tablespoons a day. 23 years ago when she was diagnosed at age of 36. she credits her 1-year-old daughter at the i am too. >> she and i were play and i felt a lump and the rest is history. >> gene had a lump equity tomorrow and underwent chemo and radiation and then she met mary. >> i had started to use olive oil a little bit. but when mary talked to me about it, i really embraced it. >> she learned a few things like how cooking your veggies in extra virgin olive oil is a good thing. >> it helps you absorb the nutrients that are actually in the vegetables. >> reporter: and then there's this. >> i think people look at it and say, wow, it's got a lot of callries but i think of them as
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>> mary says she's done the research to back it up. she found breast cancer risk went down, something else. >> i was very surprised to find out, they lost more weight with the higher olive oil diet, lower levels of insulin and glucose and try glils ride. the. >> latest olive oil research out of spain, a nutrient liquid which mary refers to as medicine. >> the women who had olive oil had an enorm mulls decreased risk of breast cancer. >> it can decrease the risk of heart disease, in the newsroom, i'm krista delcamp, 7 news. >> set to hit theaters this week, what the cast had to say about their final good-bye. >> just a reminder to look for
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>> the butz fans hungry for the epic finale. >> this is the last of the series, morning j. talking about the hunger games answering the last of the questions about the hunger games. jennifer lawrence is back for the final installment.
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excited about you the actors as well. frjts >> 56 sequels of this movie, i'd be back for every one of them. >> fans able to feast on the final chapter when mocking jay part two hits theaters later this week. >> miley cyrus and liam helmsworth joined up this week, for the former couple loved it so much, they took home this six month old puppy, yogi, he's living the good life in helmsworth malibu mansion. >> chicago med will premier right after the voice. the drama is related to chicago fire and chicago pd. some actors cross over between shows and the show's executive producer says it's one of the most fascinating thing about the franchise and we have a jam packed line up on numbers. starts at 7 can, with the voice,
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followed by the premiere of chicago med and chicago fire at 10. and 7 news at 11. >> great night of television ahead. >> it certainly is. still to come, 7 news at 5 starts right now. >> breaking news, now at 5. >> she was kicking and had to tie her back into the seat. >> a passenger in the boston bound flight, why she had to be restrained in the air. >> also overseas more explosive scares as france ramps up their aerial assault on isis. tonight, the search for more suspects at the center of the terror in paris. >> and a report of big papi calling it a career. tonight red sox nation reacting. >> a lot of sun today a little chilly and this weather system moving eastbound. when does it arrive. >> a teenager accused of murdering his teacher refusing to stay in court. the reaction that prompted the
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>> i am here to admit i'm hiv positive. >> charlie sheen opening up about the diagnosis he's tried to hide for years. >> 7 news at 5 starts now. >> start with this breaking news at 5 o'clock. unruly passenger causing tense boston. police say she was drunk when she tried to open an exit door mid flight. why she was immediately restrained. >> state police waiting when the plane landed and take her into custody. they spoke with passengers off they got off that plane. >> >> reporter: passengers who came off here, had quite a story to tell on a wild scene on that flight from london to boston. but they give the crew a lot of credit for acting quickly to diffuse a dangerous situation. >> she was right in front of us, she dried to open the door at the back of the plane. >> passengers coming off a brit fish airways flight from london to boston. describe a scare on board. a woman on board tried to open a door mid flight.
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e right?
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